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Original artwork by tjpones:  

Rendered with 9 4K renders @ 256 DoF samples  
19 lights used in this scene
Programs used:  
safe1879198 artist:imafutureguitarhero377 artist:tjpones3484 sunset shimmer69415 unicorn401779 anthro295672 equestria girls223922 2d to 3d40 3d92976 :i1730 absurd resolution69575 adaptation66 adidas192 black background6840 book37275 chair7836 chromatic aberration1704 clothes525453 colored eyebrows336 colored eyelashes591 cup7198 cute222837 dress50614 droste effect223 female1516954 film grain290 floppy ears60092 food81102 freckles33633 handwriting43 horn101331 leaning back in chair10 leaning on table56 long hair5073 long mane3969 mare566583 mug5043 multicolored hair7683 multicolored mane2628 nail polish9172 pants17353 peppered bacon245 raised eyebrow7321 reading6905 recursion412 recursive fanart36 shimmerbetes4704 signature31824 simple background463402 sitting72970 solo1195553 source filmmaker54820 table10507 teacup3252 wallpaper19562


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