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safe1750791 artist:the weaver1751 applejack173299 fluttershy217271 pinkie pie220221 rainbow dash238593 rarity185599 twilight sparkle306181 1000 hours in ms paint5996 all the mares tease butterscotch42 appleshy1240 butterdash60 butterjack6 butterpie17 butterscotch1875 butterscotch gets all the mares9 female1402122 flarity1657 flutterdash4614 flutterpie1484 half r63 shipping2070 male388104 mane six32567 monochrome152345 ms paint6122 rariscotch15 rule 6327491 shipping205676 simple background409214 straight140334 twiscotch11 twishy1310 white background102503


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>Flutterguy not being the absolute beta-male friendzone loser that none of his female friends see romantically
>Not having Angel as his frustrated best friend who keeps trying to push him to make a move on one of these girls already


Weaver pls
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What if they do an episode where Fluttershy goes legitimately male… And not Flutterguy male like in Bridle Gossip.