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A little bit overdue YCH commission for Chespi.
Haven’t drawn classy Lingerie in a while. I wonder why… It’s sooo gooood.
suggestive160180 artist:andelai540 oc779037 oc only577677 oc:cherry spirit103 earth pony314579 pony1208930 abstract background18722 butt136328 female1503784 high res74697 large butt21469 looking back67286 plot96348 raised hoof54589 rear view15483 solo1185042 solo female195781 the ass was fat16764 transparent772 underhoof57938


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never big enough
On Twitter, right-click the image (while viewing the original post, not in the zoomed picture viewer) -> “open image in new tab” -> take the URL and stick “:orig” at the end.
It’s a real crapshoot; sometimes that trick works, and sometimes it just doesn’t. Sometimes it only works if you’re on the mobile version of Twitter. Sometimes the full-size PNG is clearly just a JPEG that got saved again as a PNG. But this time, the trick worked.
Oh, it’s the transparency. If you upload a PNG with any transparent pixels, Twitter won’t convert it to JPG and will just resize it. Which apparently means the original PNG will still be available via the “:orig” trick.