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When you've got an apple craving vampire and a werewolf on your tail their are few worse things to be than an apple farming dog owner.

I don't really know where this idea came from but I think I made it work pretty good. I had to do some fiddling with Pinkie because, unlike Fluttershy, she doesn't really have a 'monster form' and we haven't seen a werewolf pony (hors-wolf? [correction: they're hengstwolfs]), but I think it works out ok. Though I find it funny how big a difference having the teeth on the bottom instead of the top makes.

Oh, and don't worry about Applejack, she may smell like apples and dog treats but they'll leave her alone once they figure out she doesn't have any snacks for them.
If you'd prefer them with out the outfits then look here: >>1939562
I don't own these characters just the pic
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