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Dirty Bit
My Little Pony - 1992 Edition
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That's him, officer
Applejack’s expression, though. Also, this is so relatable, except for the apple part. Still like apples.
@Background Pony #9265
Pretty much.
When life gives you apples, lie to yourself as you slowly die on the inside.
This shouldn’t be so funny to me, but it is.
@Background Pony #6BA1
In the correct order: In due time, already happened, and Rainbow Dash doesn’t think about that stuff.
Background Pony #793C
Sheesh, first Fluttershy getting existential, now this? What next, Rarity revealing that she spends so much time on her outward appearance because she feels empty inside? Pinkie wondering whether ponies actually like her, or just the parties she throws them? Rainbow Dash contemplating that she may only be 15% cooler?
Background Pony #4144
We only tell each other that “life is what you make of it”, when really life is what you’re born into and try not to die from there.
Background Pony #508B
I don’t think I’ve ever related to Applejack more than I do right now.