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You never knew The Movie was so philosophical
safe1613659 edit122913 edited screencap59181 screencap210559 captain celaeno1068 grubber814 rainbow dash223834 tempest shadow16147 parrot pirates383 pony881297 unicorn284435 my little pony: the movie18264 airship907 broken horn13182 celaeno's airship38 conspiracy theory97 deep38 eye scar4608 female1284307 horn51700 magic68311 male343086 mare438720 op is a silly pony9 op is on drugs172 philosophy93 pirate2331 pirate ship242 scar10829 sparking horn627 tempest shadow's bodyguard27


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Professional grape
Fact Check: True
Tempest is a precious dear who was misled in a quest to become lovable again. All the while not realizing that she didn't need her horn to be loved.

Professional grape
I'm 14 and this is deep.

I mean, interpret how you wish, but I sincerely doubt that this was the intended message to be discerned here.
I don't think the message was "society sucks, bro." More along the lines of "you can be yourself. Don't let people force you to be what they want."
Not society. Other people.
Not a Llama - Happy April Fools Day!

We live in a society

Bottom text

Valid interpretation anyway, even if the lads down below are gonna respond in not-so-flattering ways. Most people don't respond too well to the horrid sin of… Uh… Movie interpretation beyond the most basic outlook.