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Anatomy of the Kirin
safe1676551 artist:jargon scott2280 autumn blaze3744 kirin8255 sounds of silence3325 anatomy421 anatomy guide53 awwtumn blaze724 chest fluff37536 cloven hooves9817 cute195357 diagram184 female1336611 fluffy13914 friend52 hooves17536 horn62068 kirin beer83 kirin beer is pee42 kirinbetes232 leg fluff2944 monochrome147857 mute123 neck fluff727 scales1109 simple background383661 smiling240428 solo1043915 tail26117 white background95153


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Pretty soft for a Sony.
Now I'd love to see a thing where a YouTube blogger is going over his home brewery setup when his friend interrupts and explains how he makes his beer with his Kirin Wife.
infinita est lux Solis
Artist -

Heretical Inquisitor
@Sky Blazer
The beer being related to urine, I wasn't aware of its existence until through this comment section, he/she: Ping_chan, hinted at via his/her's comment:
It’s not pee, it’s Japanese Brand Kirin Beer! so totally not pee