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safe1751321 artist:psfmer118 artist:squeaky-belle58 king sombra14233 princess celestia96787 queen chrysalis35481 rainbow dash238654 starlight glimmer49811 twilight sparkle306253 alicorn232991 changeling49849 changeling queen17757 pegasus309405 pony1011315 unicorn342577 semi-anthro13589 3d80388 anatomically incorrect4237 animated100861 beam282 bipedal36231 boss101 clothes476292 crook8 dancing8579 default dance9 explosion2217 eye contact6609 eyes closed98187 female1402597 floppy ears54555 fortnite dance23 fortnite default dance13 frown23585 glare8303 glowing horn20543 gun16344 handgun2845 holding hooves1702 hoof hold8622 hoofshake88 incorrect leg anatomy1825 laughing8304 lidded eyes31819 looking at each other21467 looking down9327 mafia271 mafia city20 magic75422 male388275 mare502539 meme83399 money1358 motorcycle1190 music2969 open mouth154568 parody15785 pistol2145 raised hoof48464 royal guard8093 sad25075 shade350 smiling261236 smirk13028 sound9458 sparkles4806 spread wings57127 stallion115827 suit6136 sunglasses15059 sweater14929 that's how mafia works16 thinking2005 thug27 transformation11328 twilight sparkle (alicorn)126222 unicorn twilight18712 walking4939 wall of tags3659 wat19475 weapon31447 webm14358 wings123286


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Artist -

OMFG YES XDDDDD I keep getting ads like that on my iPhone when I play certain games on it, and now to see a MLP parody of those mafia/gang game ads, is darn hilarious! xDD
Squeaky Belle
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Artist -

Heyo! Going to have to change the source back to the twitter one due to a subtle difference between the two. :p

See, the one that went up on Twitter says "that's how mafia works" at the end, but the youtube upload says "that's how friendship works" instead. I had the text changed at the end for the youtube upload as I forgot to do so before the twitter upload.

So yeah :v

Will still link the youtube version in case anyone wants to see it