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safe1947805 artist:psfmer174 artist:squeaky-belle58 king sombra15822 princess celestia104202 queen chrysalis38725 rainbow dash257298 starlight glimmer54745 twilight sparkle330195 alicorn270041 changeling57644 changeling queen20811 pegasus395851 pony1297801 unicorn434858 semi-anthro18781 3d99737 anatomically incorrect4795 animated111851 beam310 bipedal43160 boss112 clothes550383 crook8 dancing9733 default dance9 explosion2443 eye contact7280 eyes closed118206 female1580983 floppy ears63555 fortnite dance26 fortnite default dance13 frown28064 glare8661 glowing horn24793 gun18379 handgun3398 holding hooves2038 hoof hold10603 hoofshake98 incorrect leg anatomy1950 laughing9573 lidded eyes38160 looking at each other26954 looking down11625 mafia294 mafia city21 magic85239 male451308 mare605060 meme88418 money1602 motorcycle1365 music3594 open mouth193487 parody16542 pistol2475 raised hoof58688 royal guard9369 sad28168 shade365 smiling324057 smirk15556 sound12682 sparkles6290 spread wings73312 stallion145947 suit7422 sunglasses18169 sweater16984 that's how mafia works16 thinking2318 thug36 transformation13430 twilight sparkle (alicorn)137372 unicorn twilight25229 walking6136 wall of tags5253 wat20686 weapon36112 webm19264 wings169468


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Ya local RD fan!
OMFG YES XDDDDD I keep getting ads like that on my iPhone when I play certain games on it, and now to see a MLP parody of those mafia/gang game ads, is darn hilarious! xDD
Squeaky Belle
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Heyo! Going to have to change the source back to the twitter one due to a subtle difference between the two. :p
See, the one that went up on Twitter says “that’s how mafia works” at the end, but the youtube upload says “that’s how friendship works” instead. I had the text changed at the end for the youtube upload as I forgot to do so before the twitter upload.
So yeah :v
Will still link the youtube version in case anyone wants to see it