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"i'll just cut your spikes, it'll be fine", she said
Alt source
safe1703923 artist:jeglegator132 spike78698 starlight glimmer48577 twilight sparkle300024 alicorn224016 dragon56157 pony965227 unicorn322171 accident1267 bad haircut10 crying43487 female1360747 glowing horn19594 high res29113 horn66842 laughing7977 magic73139 male371867 mare479351 mistake113 scissors1106 simple background392544 spike is not amused183 telekinesis27656 twilight sparkle (alicorn)123554 unamused16177 white background97589 winged spike8361 you had one job476


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Lady of Ships and Birbs
I'd like to imagine that the spikes on Spike's head and spine are like nails (so they're made of keratin and can be cut or filed but can grow back easily afterward).