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Good planning there, Sweetie B.

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That's him, officer
It seems Sweetie Belle wasn't as clever as we thought. She did not think that one through.

@Background Pony #AB67
This seems like a bad idea, Sweetie Belle. Did you never read Harriet the Spy?

Ah, dude! I haven't watched the movie version of that since I was a kid!

Okay, one, this is Celestia's private quarters. Shouldn't there be a guard or two posted at the door to keep intruders out? Two, if that is a fire place off screen to Sweetie Belle's left in the second frame, why is it burning?…. unless Tia's already in the room.

Celestia: (Closes the door and trots up behind her.) And what are you up to young lady?

Sweetie Belle: (In thought) Uh oh…. I'm busted.
Background Pony #DBB2
Shortsheet the bed, Saran wrap the toilet, switch the hot and cold handles on the bathroom sink and tub…