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safe1617343 artist:徐詩珮9016 applejack162755 autumn blaze3518 glitter drops6136 oc628325 oc:matty apple2 earth pony216581 hybrid16318 kirin7451 pony885078 unicorn285928 sounds of silence3267 applejack's hat6062 autumnjack162 cowboy hat14093 family4170 family tree311 female1287486 glitterautumnjack2 glitterblaze180 glitterjack3 hat79672 interspecies offspring6496 kirin hybrid80 lesbian91943 magical lesbian spawn10846 magical threesome spawn492 next generation5823 offspring35440 parent:applejack3504 parent:autumn blaze182 parent:glitter drops1278 parents:autumnjack35 parents:glitterautumnjack2 parents:glitterblaze56 parents:glitterjack5 polyamory6426 shipping188581 simple background361920 transparent background187512


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