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Requested by NgKQ.

Here is Melody Aurora in the Crystal Prep uniform, it took me an hour to finish it.

I hoped you liked it, sorry I misread your first message, I thought that the first comment was that you didn’t find it fitting I guess.

Anyways, enjoy this…. submission?

Base made by KaguraRia.

Video :- https://youtu.be/rCJcRs-7VMQ
safe (1429673)artist:baby (11)artist:kaguraria (1)derpibooru exclusive (20326)oc (525362)oc:melody aurora (72)oc only (364317)equestria girls (159764)base used (10563)clothes (355851)crystal prep academy (896)crystal prep academy uniform (2832)female (760431)glasses (47024)offspring (28770)parent:flash sentry (2200)parent:sci-twi (192)parents:flashlight (1898)parent:twilight sparkle (6201)school uniform (5988)solo (876259)

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