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I don't think unedited screencaps (Other than canon ships, like SugarMac) should be tagged as "Shipping" and rather "Shipping fuel". So I'll just remove the "Flashimmer" tag. Feel free to correct me if I'm wrong.
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rubber Ball
@Chuy Ryu
I've seen plenty of all those

I think they want sent it to be a leasbian is because they think she's so beautiful that she should be with another beautiful girl instead of a filthy doy at least from what I've experienced that's the reason
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🔥Sunset is best girl🔥
@Chuy Ryu
the fandom who praise the background ponies know what development means

two different things, dude.

fans can make fanon's for background characters, different story for main characters.
Chuy Ryu
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depends, there are hypocrites who hate flash because according to them, he has no character development…. yeah, the fandom who praise the background ponies know what development means

others, the typical waifufags who want to see their waifus (sunset or twilight) stay singles

and sjws who want to see sunset as a lesbian… for some reason…