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safe1690516 screencap220277 bulk biceps3419 desert sage146 doodle bug81 flash sentry12734 mile hill75 sandalwood1087 technicolor waves86 waldo whereabout67 watermelody1006 equestria girls198144 equestria girls series32535 spring breakdown2631 spoiler:eqg series (season 2)13957 bare shoulders2347 belly button76572 bikini17832 blushing194897 clothes453732 converse5594 midriff19182 shoes35686 sleeveless4176 strapless1467 swimsuit27813 tankini160 wingding eyes21897


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Background Pony #575E
That woman with them is the same size. that's just what I thought all the time. They are compared with ponies. My hypothesis was true.
Background Pony #CEFE