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5 days till the end of the semester.
Literally, I think I’m almost burning out.
Sure, it’s time to sleep.
safe1949254 artist:luciferamon336 twilight sparkle330363 alicorn270377 pony1299489 4277 bags under eyes2492 female1582379 floppy ears63609 hitchhiker's guide to the galaxy81 magic85316 mare605805 paper3858 quill3042 simple background491888 sitting77260 sleepy1932 solo1248617 telekinesis33575 tired3769 twilight sparkle (alicorn)137479 white background127195 writing1371


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It’s the meaning of life! Interestingly, Twilight has tons of 42s around her. 42 points on her cutie mark, the original air-date of the first episode in binary is 42, and she wore a 42 tag in the running of the leaves.
Gotta love the useless fun-facts you gather after nearly half a lifetime of pony, huh? =)