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Generally speaking the problems of a particular period come from the combination of lazy animators and cliques within the industry. Both factors are a problem.

Some people deny it for reasons entirely unrelated to animation and more into politics. Since most of the cartoon artists will have the same political frame due to being part of the same circle, accepting they are part of a clique would make them look like a minority trying to influence the majority. Of course only if their views can't survive criticism such thing would be a concern.

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I agree. The real benefit of the “CalArts” argument is that it raises awareness that animation is oppressively insular, exclusive, ad conformist. I don’t think anyone going to deny that.
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I think the Johnny Quest one is due to Flash being a new program to help make animations faster, which resulted in people abusing it to make quick, cheap cartoons.

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@Background Pony #2858
Yes, it is a buzzword, but it raises a valid concern regarding the fact that during certain periods cartoon artists simply replicate the same visual style. Like during the 80s almost everything had as base the styles of He Man and Johnny Quest.
Now, that concern is not just valid, but has not been solved in decades. Every now and then a guy with a new art style appears and then after a few years, or decades, there is a return to the trend of all artists using similar, or identical style to that of one or two popular artists. For example nowadays most people use styles based on Pendleton's work, and in fact are connected to him in some form.
For example, Rebecca Sugar worked with him, to her credit her style deviates notably from Pendleton's, however she is the one from which others imitate, creating yet still the same pattern.
Of course it is not a reason to panic most of the time, but it is a way in which it is evidenced that many cartoon artists are part of what could be considered a closed environment.
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*cough* "CalArts Style" is a meaningless term that, since the 90's, has been thrown around at several cartoons that had similar art styles to other cartoons of the time, many of which have had nothing to with any graduate or student of the California Institute of the Arts.... *cough*
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Not really sure myself. Like Dirty Bit, I haven't seen Bravest Warriors in some time.
I could be wrong and they mightn't actually be in space at all, but I seem to remember the show having something to do with space.
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That's him, officer

Art style, VAs, and general weirdness are the only comparisons for the two shows XD

That, and only one of them has an adorable Catbug

Although, I haven't seen Bravest Warriors in a while.
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