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suggestive130878 artist:raph13th357 spike75085 trixie63426 bed37386 comic102346 fangs22258 female1272951 imminent cunnilingus187 imminent oral19 imminent sex5465 implied cunnilingus533 implied oral1503 implied sex5428 impressed37 lidded eyes27664 long tongue1861 lying down11158 male338504 on bed2723 repost19 shipping186235 spixie241 spread legs17276 spreading16942 straight126210 tongue out93206


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Background Pony #E581
Spike: "I can lick my eyebrows. In fact, I can lick your eyebrows from here."
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This is possibly the most erotic thing I've ever seen in an universe with featureless crotches.

Lol she better watch out, I can only assume Spike has a high tolerence for taste. He might decide to 'travel south' and 'toss some salad' lol.