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Applejack incest Part 2

Continuation of

Thank you guys for all the support you have given me throughout this project.

Update: Higher resolution, I removed the majority of the shines


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explicit338733 artist:godoffury453 applejack165953 big macintosh27652 pony923248 3d71689 anal26373 anus93321 applebutt4101 applecest2065 applemac1124 blushing189809 clitoris26058 faceless male3933 female1322073 freckles27356 horsecock65549 incest13141 male357465 mare458554 nudity356804 offscreen character32598 penetration55228 penis147528 plot76032 ponut41792 sex116185 shipping194109 source filmmaker43859 straight131924 vaginal secretions38620 vulva122837 vulvar winking11294


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Background Pony #C4A0
So did Big Mac eat the apples to get the taste of Applejack off his tongue?
Or did AJ eat them after giving Mac a BJ and waiting for him to recharge so he could pound her ponut?
Background Pony #B766
Whew, this is getting good
Maybe get their coat just a tad less shiny?
If you could get this level of detail but with some textured coat instead of shiny plastic it would be a 10/10 pic