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YONA — She's All Yak Being Cute!

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Just felt like drawing some Yona
suggestive139585 artist:cottoncloudy176 derpibooru exclusive27681 yona4997 yak4496 anthro253787 belly27582 belly button75585 big belly10702 big breasts79480 braid5589 breasts269818 busty yona206 chubby13021 cis56 cis girl39 fat21651 fat yona39 female1336713 hooves17536 horn62112 midriff19039 overweight366 plump7074 thick4256 thighs12562 thunder thighs7992 underboob3839


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Artist -

A Stallion with No Plan
Cute, sexy, pretty, chubby, she has it all. You sir/madam drew Yona (adult) the way she is meant to be. <3
Background Pony #33CA
FIONALLY. I've been waiting for someone to draw her anthro, the proper way.