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My holiday project for 2018-2019… part 2. FREE FOR COLORING.

Just something fun with the Equestria gang, having a nice day exploring the reef.
As you can see Rarity feels a bit uncomfortable underwater (also might be thinking her hair will be ruined), so Fluttershy and Applejack keep an eye out for her.

This part is a bit more cramped than part 1, I had forgotten in my original picture concept there was seven of those guys (instead of 6) Evidently I should have pushed the three characters to the right farther back, but as always I like the characters to take most of the room. Might as well be a trademark trait of my artwork as this point, honestly.

Swimsuits from the Web series.
For convenience I gave them all the same mask and fin designs (based on Pinkie Pie's from the Web series)
Part 1 here:

Complete pic here:

I DO NOT claim ownership to the Equestria Girls of to the My Little Pony franchise.Picture concept and lineart by / Stephane G.
safe1749213 artist:shoxxe22 applejack173144 fluttershy217110 pinkie pie220068 rainbow dash238407 rarity185457 sci-twi25201 sunset shimmer64747 twilight sparkle305985 fish2692 turtle540 equestria girls206750 equestria girls series34677 anemone12 black and white13463 clothes475443 flippers202 free to color6 geode of super strength2332 geode of telekinesis3099 goggles14425 grayscale39218 humane five3606 humane seven2675 humane six3418 magical geodes9624 monochrome152274 rarity's beach shorts swimsuit28 snorkel461 snorkeling166 swimming2405 swimsuit29527 thumbs up1044 underwater5939 wetsuit797


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