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Gilda isn’t the type of girl to settle for just anyone. She needs a guy who she can lovingly tease for being a dweeb, with a cock that’s impressively thick like her. It looks like you’ve met her standards~
explicit388982 artist:burstfire279 gilda10194 human180250 areola21965 big areola6539 big breasts95968 big penis13595 breasts315242 busty gilda1141 complete nudity5169 dialogue73606 dweeb166 fat penis128 female1500226 floating heart3906 hair2132 heart54823 hot dog and bun126 huge breasts44692 human penis12353 humanized105680 imminent penetration545 imminent sex8175 looking at you196019 male422500 nipples192574 nudity419170 offscreen character39657 penis173395 plump7638 pov15757 straight149986 stupid sexy gilda283 television2816 thick5030 thick penis237 vein6819 veiny cock5252 white hair527 wide hips21151 yellow eyes2578


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Background Pony #CF5C
What the fuck kind of freak-cock is that? And to answer people’s questions: yes, a penis that has a shaft that is any shape other than “cylinder” is uncommon. The last time I encountered a dick like that was in someone’s terrible self-insert fanfiction about how they fucked Sunset over Christmas (and made an entire christmas feast all by himself with no help because self-inserts are shitty) and got her pregnant, and it was blatantly obvious that the writer (I would never call him an author) was describing his own dick because of the extreme amount of detail put into the description.
That said, I really like the rest of the picture. Gilda’s body is A____ and those nipples look perfect for sucking on.

It really is incredibly uncommon, in fact this might be the first time I’ve seen one like this though I might have forgotten any other times.  
Honestly I don’t mind it though, the thing about it is that the people who find it really weird are more likely to leave a comment about it.
I believe what most have a problem with is that having it like this makes it lose its recognizable pens like shape.  
Sort of like making a circular steak or a triangular ball.

Everyone is complaining about the penis shape.  
Tfw it looks like an exaggeration/a caricature of what I have. :<
Is a thicker mid really that weird/uncommon?
Background Pony #5494
Say what you will about the chungus chode, that thing would feel out of this world stretching out any holes you’re brave enough to let it into. I for one would welcome the opportunity to sit on that absolute unit!
Background Pony #2117
@Background Pony #4A1A  
Hate to say it, but that dick is meant to be our proxy in this scene, and it’s a little distracting to see ‘our’ penis look so odd. Also…
Listen to me when I tell you this: we’re all gay; it’s just to what extent are you gay.
He goes, ‘That’s bullshit. I ain’t gay at all.’
I’m like, ‘Yeah you are, and I’ll prove it to you.’
He goes, ‘Fine. Prove it.’
I’m like, ‘Alright. Do you like porn?’
He goes, ‘Yeah, I love porn. You know that.’
I’m like, ‘Do you only watch scenes with two women together?’
‘No, I watch a man and a woman making love.’
‘Do you like the guy to have a small, half-flaccid penis?’
He goes, ‘No, I like big, hard, throbbing cocks!’
Background Pony #9DD7
Amazing Gilda here, but everyone only look at dicks.  
Guys i have bad news for you…
Background Pony #2117
Okay, I think I see the problem. Artist, plump breasts, ass, and thighs, no problems. All good ideas. But no one wants to see a plump penis. It shouldn’t be curvy. Large, sure, long, absolutely. But not plump. Generally if you see a curve on a penis, it’s because it’s tilting upward, or to the left or right. This here, this looks like our proxy has a priapism and needs to see a doctor.