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Tempest shadow:I'm sorry,glitter drops.

Glitter drops:OK!tempest.I like shipping tempest!!!

Tempest shadow:glitter drops is my friend.

Glitter drops:spring rain your friend.too.
safe1706361 artist:徐詩珮9090 fizzlepop berrytwist9233 glitter drops6157 tempest shadow16788 alicorn224426 pony967519 alicornified5349 crying43567 female1363062 glittercorn202 glittershadow5301 horn ring5575 hug28272 lesbian96975 mare480545 race swap14244 shipping200249 tears of joy2524 tempesticorn233


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Background Pony #10D2
do y'all not know there's a tag for when a character that is not normally an alicorn is drawn as one