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safe1587517 artist:darkodraco127 applejack160032 fluttershy199443 pinkie pie204603 rainbow dash220741 rarity170851 twilight sparkle284512 alicorn197753 earth pony203356 pegasus244265 pony855066 unicorn270784 applejack's hat5564 cowboy hat13414 derp6369 elements of harmony2348 female916157 freckles25592 hat77421 mane six29657 mare420518 silly7062 silly pony2873 simple background349149 smiling218099 solo980914 spread wings48330 tongue out91780 twilight sparkle (alicorn)116096 white background88320 wings78653


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Background Pony #A7BF
Terramar:Yona, You become choice Honesty, Ocellus, You become choice Kindness, Smolder, You become choice Generosity, Silverstream, You become choice Laughter, Gallus, You become choice Loyalty, and Sandbar, You become choice Magic