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Happy New Year everypony! :D

My first release in almost 4 months, and it's a multi-part comic this time! It was intended to be one single piece, but I don't want to burden you with a 26MB-sized comic =P
After my last piece, I took a little creative break and started drawing this here around the beginning of November. I've now entered my third year of drawing ponies (or anything, to be exact), so I wanted to do something special: a short comic paying hommage to my very first picture Ponyride! Oh, the easy days back then… just a background and a pony vector, and a little shading…
Well, the "short" comic grew bigger and more elaborate over time, and I just, well, went with it. And what a ton of fun it was! I did a lot of work myself here and used pre-existing vectors very sparsely. And it went slower than I'd imagined, thanks to some serious time constraints (working overtime, familiar troubles, illness, Christmas to name a few) during the last months which kept me from drawing. But here it is! The remaining three parts will be uploaded over the course of the next days.

Not much to say about the story here, only a bunch of ponies having some innocent fun. Equestria doesn't always have to be in danger to be entertaining, at least not for me.
What happens next? Has Lyra missed her mark? Did Bonnie survive? Come back tomorrow and you will see!
safe1680052 artist:cheezedoodle96849 artist:laberoon33 artist:mundschenk85188 big macintosh27952 bon bon16188 coconut cream246 crescent pony190 derpy hooves49725 junebug359 lyra heartstrings29206 mane moon190 sea swirl1575 seafoam1575 starlight glimmer47891 sweetie drops16188 toola roola752 trixie66496 earth pony238932 pegasus281718 pony942265 unicorn312352 comic:all in good fun5 absurd resolution65537 background pony10161 bush2609 bushicorn136 comic107308 crescent moon1799 female1339322 filly64984 kite785 male363767 mare468043 moon23075 pounce290 saddle bag5696 stallion105253 that pony sure does love kites259 vector75824


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