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solo (826167)Removed Azure Quill
twilight sparkle (alicorn) (93830)Added Waspinator331
santa hat (4421)Added Waspinator331
merry christmas (333)Added Waspinator331
hat (57837)Added Waspinator331
2018 community collab (529)Added Waspinator331
derpibooru community collaboration (1674)Added Waspinator331
oc only (346034)Added Waspinator331
transparent background (141187)Added Waspinator331
earth pony (125472)Added Waspinator331
filly celestia (214)Added Waspinator331
filly luna (208)Added Waspinator331
pink-mane celestia (1833)Added Waspinator331
cewestia (1551)Added Waspinator331
younger (12992)Added Waspinator331
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filly (44081)Added Waspinator331
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