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Commissions by Cornelia_Nelson!

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Here is a curated collection of my favorite art pieces I created for every month last year.

Links included in source.
safe1657738 artist:firefanatic361 applejack165870 autumn blaze3677 derpy hooves49369 fizzlepop berrytwist9133 fluttershy207445 paprika paca803 pinkie pie211414 princess cadance31968 princess celestia93060 princess luna97277 rain shine424 rainbow dash228362 rarity177489 scootaloo50426 starlight glimmer47177 sunset shimmer60914 tempest shadow16477 twilight sparkle294072 alicorn215072 alpaca881 human150180 kirin8001 pegasus272992 pony922096 unicorn303607 them's fightin' herds4115 sounds of silence3310 2018312 blanket5121 community related3889 crying42138 cuddling8156 cute192423 digital art16908 fluffy13756 freckles27320 hug27206 lamiafied305 mane six31128 scar11469 shake134 summary34 traditional art114776


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