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suggestive130934 artist:efk-san183 fluttershy201410 equestria girls185378 absurd resolution63926 against glass1270 big breasts72357 breasts249377 busty fluttershy15596 clothes419843 cute183670 female1273425 glass4185 happy new year1019 happy new year 201994 holiday16198 looking at you149819 one eye closed26596 shyabetes12205 simple background354661 skirt36551 sleeveless3542 smiling221194 solo992551 solo female170001 tanktop7039 transparent background183765


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Ponies are hot
Oh, i fell in love with Fluttershy since the beginning of the series. I love her a lot because, despite herself being timid and fearful, she can totally surprise you with her inner strength! She can turn confident, she can be assertive when necessary and best of all, she can be really sassy sometimes which i absolutely love! Pure waifu material right there. Also, i will never forget the fact that Fluttershy physically dominated Harry the bear and even snapped his freaking neck in Lesson Zero! That was crazy! And that was exactly what made me fall completely in love with Fluttershy. It made me think that Fluttershy is a fighter deep down. XD