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The last part of the request of my weird dude,is now finally done.I feel pain cause I have seen the musical and know how the hero and heroine ended up.I also felt annoyed a little because this RQ is rather out of character,which I directly told my friend,the requester.But since it's my fav ponies I felt little roughness while drawing.Anyway I am done now.Just like Phantom I ended up not getting what I wished.
Anyway hope you like it.
safe (1505530) artist:yaaaco (203) dj pon-3 (27472) octavia melody (21662) vinyl scratch (31567) clothes (383416) dress (37177) female (830002) flower (20099) half r63 shipping (1559) levitation (9631) magic (61692) male (283126) mask (4858) phantom of the opera (183) record scrape (204) rose (3227) rule 63 (24095) scrapetavia (10) shipping (174986) simple background (317551) stallion (83165) straight (115729) telekinesis (22754) transparent background (165527) tuxedo (1174)


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