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Commission by the writer of this ongoing story (Currently it's build up, but the writing is really solid)
suggestive143165 artist:annon2256 applejack170026 fili-second838 fluttershy212801 masked matter-horn830 mistress marevelous735 pinkie pie216325 radiance814 rainbow dash234086 rarity181973 saddle rager838 twilight sparkle300491 zapp815 human154751 abs11158 absolute cleavage3481 abstract background14707 amazonjack42 applebucking thighs2115 bedroom eyes59423 belly button77983 belt5523 big breasts82161 big hair415 big lips703 bimbo4501 bimbo 2.0322 bimbo dash181 bimbo jack202 bimbo pie200 bimbo rarity157 bimbo sparkle440 bimboshy230 blue eyes5111 boots22055 breast hold1013 breasts277991 busty applejack10480 busty fluttershy17249 busty mane six209 busty pinkie pie10849 busty rainbow dash8168 busty rarity12829 busty twilight sparkle12033 choker12052 cleavage34603 clothes460090 ear piercing26350 erect nipples10750 eyeshadow15643 fanfic10399 fanfic art14352 fanfic cover1262 female1364263 garters2813 gloves20119 goggles14072 green eyes4239 high heel boots5706 high heels11237 huge breasts38338 humanized100106 hyper10369 hyper breasts4675 impossibly large breasts16774 impossibly wide hips2230 lasso1260 lipstick11154 long gloves5780 long hair4233 long nails506 looking at you168852 maebari284 makeup21512 mane six31928 mask6775 multicolored hair5579 nail polish7768 nipple outline7536 orange lipstick62 piercing41192 pink hair1252 pink lipstick247 power ponies2738 purple eyes2344 purple lipstick307 rainbow hair2423 rainbow lipstick43 rope11459 shoes36779 superhero1665 thunder thighs8408 white lipstick41 wide hips17224 yellow lipstick73


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Mal Hearts

A friend of mine who collects and sells comics stated that on the cover of a She-Hulk comic, she was basically naked with a jump rope being used as a censor.
Wallet After Summer Sale -

Since we know what the Power Ponies are supposed to look like from an annual comic, these can be redone to reflect that, which would mostly just entail recoloring.