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A Doctor Who reference in a Sins Video from LittleshyFiM made me watch the respective episode again. And I found this fitting.
It's the episode Human Nature (and Littleshy's One Bad Apple sins video I got the inspiration from), if you're wondering.
safe1657739 edit127755 edited screencap62250 screencap215959 applejack165870 fluttershy207446 maple brown133 rain shine424 earth pony231204 kirin8001 pegasus272994 pony922097 sounds of silence3310 animated96153 balloon9951 creepy4189 crossover60526 doctor who3509 female1320933 gif29728 head tilt1039 human nature2 male356980 mare457923 nervous grin1010 smiling234975 the family of blood1


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Sky Blazer

Don't forget that "the family of blood" was one of the other parts to "human nature". I already took the liberty of adding that tag though :-)