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As its that time of year again I was going to be lazy and just watch a bunch of movies on Hearths warming eve but decided after remembering I made a pony Christmas image last year  
I felt inspired to out do it and create a festive pony vista (oh how i have missed creating art like this <3. Merry Hearths Warming to all. may it be a fun and magical with those you care so much about.
until after the holidays Laters :)
speedpainted in Photoshop CS6 with my Wacom pro in 3 hours
safe1947767 artist:jowyb1167 rainbow dash257297 scootaloo55158 pegasus395837 pony1297765 :t4187 beautiful6750 bipedal43158 bipedal leaning2260 blank flank8851 butt171536 canterlot6391 canterlot mountain30 clothes550369 cloud37268 cloudsdale1463 color porn1108 cute232290 cutealoo3405 dashabetes10814 duo107467 featured image1048 female1580963 filly83093 folded wings12302 glowing11501 leaning4445 looking up20267 magic85237 majestic770 mare605053 mountain6411 mountain range787 open mouth193478 open smile15060 plot111605 ponies riding ponies2681 pony hat467 ponyville6809 riding8314 scarf27879 scenery9184 scenery porn974 scootaloo riding rainbow dash142 signature34261 smiling324047 snow16699 snowfall5191 sweet dreams fuel1862 twilight's castle4728 valley174 waterfall1971 wings169456 winter5435


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Background Pony #7047
@Marble Didymus  
AJ has them too when she’s the focus, never forget Applejack’s day off.
Dash just gets it more because, by her design, she’s prone to have them. She is supposed to be act first and think later after all which lead to easy writing, but also scenes that some can interpret badly. See also: All the people who still think she sold her friend into slavery in trade ya when it was extremely clear that she wasn’t paying attention to whatever the seller was saying and just focused on the book, which is why she realize what’s wrong as soon as she gets the book.