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Here is the whole CheeriMac family together! Now that I have all their bios finished, I wanted to put them all together in order of age.

*Note: Apple Pie is not to scale. The base image was smaller than I intended; sorry about that!

From left to right: Big Macintosh, Cheerilee, Apple Pie, Caramel Apple, Golden Orange, Apple Blossom, Lil' Mac.

Want to see their full bios? Please look here! (putting them all here would be waaaay too long):
Big Macintosh
Apple Pie
Caramel Apple
Golden Orange
Apple Blossom
Lil' Mac

Want to see the other families in my Next Gen? Look here!:
AppleDash Family
Pinkieshy Family
Flashlight Family
Sparity Family


Designs © ME

Bases © SelenaEde & RainbowDisaster328

Programs used: Paint Tool SAI & GIMP

MLP:FiM © and co.
safe1602612 artist:xhalesx65 big macintosh26926 cheerilee9490 oc618077 oc:apple blossom67 oc:apple pie91 oc:caramel apple44 oc:golden orange1 oc:lil' mac1 base used16549 cheerimac787 family4092 female1274902 half-siblings563 male339248 offspring34750 older23922 parent:big macintosh2729 parent:cheerilee372 parent:marble pie361 parent:sugar belle331 parents:cheerimac261 parents:marblemac104 parents:sugarmac208 shipping186534 simple background355370 straight126428 transparent background184127


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