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Twily Christmas Drive Pt 5
Silly magic poner you can just teleport your big blubbery body inside.
We’re still chugging along nicely :)
If you wanna keep enmbiggening Santa Twi head on over to my Kofi here
suggestive175371 artist:graphenescloset759 twilight sparkle335803 alicorn278879 pony1347718 series:twily christmas drive10 adorafatty384 arm behind head8691 belly37095 belly button97493 big belly16956 blushing242537 butt193029 chimney337 christmas18400 chubby cheeks4975 clothes568260 cookie4587 costume35658 crumbs334 cute239612 embarrassed13800 fat26528 female1625164 food89363 forgetful21 high res87992 holiday29640 hoof on belly459 huge butt13937 impossibly fat mare43 impossibly large butt9095 incentive drive389 large butt26845 morbidly obese9549 obese13983 plot120118 santa costume1964 scroll3877 snow17490 snowfall5538 squishy3261 stuck3385 the ass is monstrously oversized for tight entrance132 the ass was fat18975 the ass was too fat361 too fat to fit159 too fat to get through119 twiabetes14036 twilard sparkle1606 twilight has a big ass730 twilight sparkle (alicorn)139773 weight gain5269 weight gain sequence1503


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Background Pony #D938
santa goes down chimmneys, so teleporting inside seems like twi’s cheating
Background Pony #9710
still needs to be bigger. and artist of this photo, if you are reading this, do you take requests? if you do, can you make fat versions of the student 6? that would be appreciated if you do that
Background Pony #A333
I think she has to know what the inside of the house looks like to teleport in properly. Methinks she might be stuck. =P