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Twily Christmas Drive Pt 5
Silly magic poner you can just teleport your big blubbery body inside.
We’re still chugging along nicely :)
If you wanna keep enmbiggening Santa Twi head on over to my Kofi here
suggestive162194 artist:graphenescloset719 twilight sparkle322116 alicorn256781 pony1225669 series:twily christmas drive10 adorafatty364 arm behind head7760 belly32911 belly button89781 big belly14331 blushing224277 butt143050 chimney309 christmas16473 chubby cheeks4473 clothes525633 cookie4143 costume32612 crumbs299 cute222904 embarrassed12771 fat24615 female1517383 food81132 forgetful20 high res76326 holiday25321 hoof on belly356 huge butt12018 impossibly fat mare43 impossibly large butt8216 incentive drive295 large butt21975 morbidly obese8894 obese12996 plot99936 santa costume1793 scroll3655 snow15847 snowfall4917 squishy2956 stuck3106 the ass was fat16894 the ass was too fat292 twiabetes13189 twilard sparkle1504 twilight has a big ass591 twilight sparkle (alicorn)133545 weight gain4890 weight gain sequence1319


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Background Pony #D938
santa goes down chimmneys, so teleporting inside seems like twi’s cheating
Posted Report
Background Pony #9710
still needs to be bigger. and artist of this photo, if you are reading this, do you take requests? if you do, can you make fat versions of the student 6? that would be appreciated if you do that
Background Pony #A333
I think she has to know what the inside of the house looks like to teleport in properly. Methinks she might be stuck. =P