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A Jessi-ka Story - New Comic!

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Let’s get this started! Rainbow’s game is going on hiatus as we transition.
How this game works: Retweet a command for Celestia to perform. I will randomly select retweets and she will do as you wish!
Check further tweet replies for rules clarifications

suggestive188562 artist:jonfawkes1635 princess celestia111759 human240555 series:nightmare war378 g42005177 absolute cleavage5373 adorasexy12576 armor30785 beautiful8454 big breasts123651 bracelet15275 breasts384837 busty princess celestia13604 choker20820 cleavage45940 clothes625031 collar47209 crown29369 cute263006 dialogue90967 female1779351 huge breasts57351 humanized118075 jewelry110557 looking at you254207 moe1334 multicolored hair11432 necklace31770 praise the sun2393 purple eyes5678 regalia35670 sexy45191 skirt54567 skirt lift5405 stockings47645 stupid sexy celestia2206 thigh highs58080 toga342 unconvincing armor1450 undressing6420 winged humanization10029 wings216485


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