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Celestia and Discord are in the bedroom looking after their new family member Airick…

▪Celestia: He looks so handsome, just like his father.

▪Discord: What can I say, I'm a handsome devil.

▪Celestia: Should we let Alana come and see him?

▪Discord: I don't see why not.

Celestia tells one of her royal guards to go and bring Alana to her.
Alana soon enters the room.

▪Celestia: Come over and meet your little brother, Airick. Come on, you don't have to be shy.

Alana comes closer but not too close, so she stays behind Discord.

▪Discord: So what do you think of him Lan?

▪Alana: He's small.

▪Celestia: Yes he certainly is, but he'll get bigger soon.

▪Alana: Even bigger than me?

▪Celestia: Well, I'm not sure…but he might.

▪Discord: Alana?

▪Alana: Yes.

▪Discord: How do feel about being a big sister now?

▪Alana: I, I guess I kinda like it.

▪Discord: How would you feel about being a big sister twice?

Alana looks at Discord and Celestia with a strange look on in her face.

▪Alana: What do you mean?!

▪Celestia: Well, Alana, dear, we're going to have another baby!

▪Alana: Another baby, already!?

▪Celestia: chuckles Yes.

▪Alana: Will I have another baby brother?

▪Celestia: We don't know yet, but when we do, we'll let you know, okay?

Alana looks back at Airick with a little smile on her face.

▪Alana: Okay.

☆Background was by: 90sigma

I hope you enjoy! :3 Sorry if it's blurry :<
- HoneyBunn
safe1677336 artist:misshoneybunn10 discord30445 princess celestia93848 oc666492 oc:airick2 oc:alana10 alicorn218877 hybrid17963 pony940038 alternate hairstyle27419 celestia's bedroom42 child1961 dislestia1444 draconequus hybrid107 family4344 female1337123 fireplace2716 interspecies offspring7070 male362931 mare466920 missing accessory7986 offspring37798 parent:discord3205 parent:princess celestia2080 parents:dislestia905 ponytail17339 pregnant12978 prone24997 shipping196393 story included8792 straight133509


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