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explicit432193 alternate version74257 artist:slackerburst256 sunset shimmer74656 human215094 equestria girls240190 against wall2420 armpits45700 ass73611 belly button99469 blushing248003 breasts356575 butt200150 female1659329 looking at each other29383 multiple variants7532 nipples219931 nudity468757 self paradox3097 selfcest3082 shipping236617 signature37627 smiling349558 vulva168333


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Pretty soft for a Sony.
I just thought of a fun scenario for this, considering that the Sunset Shimmer on the right is probably from the pony world while the one on the left is probably the original human Sunset Shimmer, meaning they are two different individual persons raised in different worlds…  
Imagine the pony Sunset Shimmer decides to molest the human Sunset Shimmer, being that it’s a time honored pony tradition started by Pinkie Pie…  
But then human Sunset Shimmer tries to go and report the incident…  
Stating that she was just molested… By herself…