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Granny's holding up the line. But I guess her apple products are too good for those in the back of the line to give up and leave.

I think all of the characters have been tagged now. Except for maybe the pony behind Cherry Berry, at a multiple-fruit stall. Also, Rare Find (wiki name)/Mochaccino (Derpibooru name) appears twice in the line.
safe1574971 screencap199117 auburn vision211 berry blend366 berry bliss366 berry punch6097 berryshine6087 bon bon15633 burnt oak107 cheerilee9351 cherry berry1849 citrine spark326 clever musings130 dark moon198 fire quacker326 grand pear220 granny smith4985 graphite197 lemon hearts1899 lucky clover508 lyra heartstrings27786 millie135 mochaccino206 november rain501 octavia melody22432 peppermint goldylinks362 rare find206 sweetie drops15633 twinkleshine1962 earth pony198801 pegasus239407 pony845308 unicorn265946 best gift ever2214 hearth's warming shorts95 triple pony dare ya81 animation error1777 background pony9177 clone2316 female898739 friendship student1391 hearth's warming723 male305330 mare415227 queue28 stallion92624


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