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Continuing the series commissioned by we have a rather wild request wherein Pinkie Pie becomes boring and dull due to this mysterious being, so much so that she forgets her own name and what fun is. Unlike the last one with Rainbow, it seems Pinkie wasn't given a warning beforehand. The commissioner depicts Pinkie's week as such:

Day 1:
Pinkie: OH MY GOSH! I have so much to do this week. I should throw a HUGE party!!

Day 2:
Pinkie: Hey there, class. I'm Miss Pinkie Pie! Today we're going to have some fun with shapes! light giggle

Day 3:
Pinkamena: And that class is… Miss Scootaloo, please pay attention. This is a very important lecture.
Scootaloo (off-screen): Ugh, yes Miss Pinkamena.

Day 4:
Pinkamena: Alright class, today once again me and my friend Blocky are going to talk about squares. Isn't that right, Blocky?
Blocky: ….
Pinkamena: Now, let's start with page 2 and end with page 50.

Day 5:
Pinkamena: And that, claaaaass is about haaaaalf of the world history about lines. After allllll, this entire claaasss is the study of liiiiinessssssss. Right, Sticky?

Sticky: ….

Day 6:
No Name: Mpmmmfph
Random Student(off-screen): Uh, miss Maud?
Maud (off-screen): Oh no, not again Pinkamena. pulls eraser from her mouth
No Name: who…?

Day 7:
No name: Hey sissssssss, me and Dotty were going to talk about how we are all but dots in the universe and..

Maud: Ugh, you are so annoying. Whatever your name is, can you please leave me alone? You're so boring.

No name: Alrrrrightttt….
safe1555371 artist:magerblutooth416 maud pie11778 pinkie pie201368 mouse1071 spider1577 equestria girls177374 ball2809 barefoot23809 chalkboard2539 clothes400962 clothing transformation122 confetti1689 crystal prep academy uniform3122 dirty1603 dust cloud83 feet33837 fun352 glasses53849 hair over eyes875 math787 mental shift84 patches45 personality change35 pinkamena diane pie18104 rubik's cube188 school uniform6568 show accurate10091 simple background337742 stick611 transformation9580 transformation sequence773 vector71525


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Not gonna save the world
level 1. Look fillies! Math is fun!

level 2. Now let's go with basic geometry. Any shape can be created mathematically, we know that since Pythagores.

level 3. Everything can be expanded to three or more dimensions, then we will study Fermat's conjecture so you can understand what's coming.

level 4. Yeah math is fun again, give up everything we studied earlier about 3 or 4 or more dimensions, and go back to just one dimension, wether space, time or anything you want. Also you only need 0, 1 and infinite.

level 5. Okay okay try to visualize… lines of infinite in the universe will end being the same, no line can be parallel in our 6-D universe shaped like a Calabi-Yau manifold. You have four hours. Mpfh.

level 6. We are quantum beings made of light, we are the singularity. Math, the universe and the big bang are nothing but artifacts of the simulation.
Background Pony #B8D8
no no no! this isen't right! ..don't worry… I WILL PUT YOU BACK TOGETHER.
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