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safe1752766 artist:yakovlev-vad511 twilight sparkle306447 alicorn233232 pony1012527 adorasexy10142 blushing204976 book34600 butt66181 camera flashes94 chest fluff41324 cute205952 cutie mark49815 dock52127 ear fluff31293 exclamation point3973 female1403825 forest10577 frog (hoof)13901 frown23615 interrobang984 looking back60188 mare503185 nature1015 observer327 offscreen character35799 paparazzi53 pentagram655 plot82162 prone26393 question mark4710 reading6436 rear view12839 scenery8246 sexy30744 shoulder fluff1955 solo1095823 startled449 surprised9606 tree33605 twiabetes12290 twibutt5787 twilight sparkle (alicorn)126284 underhoof53819 voyeur480 voyeurism2247 wide eyes17417


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Background Pony #69A3
Is the proper reaction to TwiButt:
a) “Mlem”  
b) SWAT  
c) ah-OOOO-gah  
d) unf
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I miss the show so much
It’s not every day that you encounter a friendly book princess in the forest.