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safe1786080 artist:yakovlev-vad518 twilight sparkle310395 alicorn239170 pony1087559 adorasexy10349 blushing210039 book35305 butt93992 camera flashes100 chest fluff43298 cute210167 cutie mark51177 dock53635 ear fluff33360 exclamation point4113 female1434534 forest10945 frog (hoof)14550 frown24363 interrobang1023 looking back62299 mare519177 nature1037 observer327 offscreen character36996 paparazzi55 pentagram678 plot85776 prone27020 question mark4867 reading6551 rear view13583 scenery8407 sexy31662 shoulder fluff2053 solo1122246 startled459 surprised9859 tree34703 twiabetes12477 twibutt6027 twilight sparkle (alicorn)127998 underhoof55261 voyeur488 voyeurism2284 wide eyes17666


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Background Pony #69A3
Is the proper reaction to TwiButt:
a) “Mlem”  
b) SWAT  
c) ah-OOOO-gah  
d) unf
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I miss the show so much
It’s not every day that you encounter a friendly book princess in the forest.