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safe1750646 artist:aemuhn150 starlight glimmer49794 pony1010642 unicorn342349 cute205727 eating9957 female1402008 food72983 glimmerbetes3907 herbivore1216 lying down19657 mare502238 meat1960 mushroom988 olive60 peetzer123 pepper189 pepperoni431 pineapple443 pineapple pizza82 pizza2011 plate1781 solo1094437 that pony sure does love pineapple pizza31 this will end in weight gain373


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No, it's the tomato plant they shouldn't eat. The tomatoes themselves are fine. People often have this misconception with dogs too.
Background Pony #7A0E
@Beau Skunky

Avocadoes, squash, cucumbers, eggplants, pumpkins, peppers, and more are also fruit. But a lot of people don't know this for whatever reason.
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I guess she is? Doge really never crossed my mind and I just needed to draw something before November ends :P

Someone else pointed out she looks like a cat with that pose, too.