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Tag Changes for image #189447

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blatant lies (944)Added Anar Isil
panic (635)Added Brokedownandmadeone
sitting (42339)Added Brokedownandmadeone
pillow (11736)Added Brokedownandmadeone
innuendo (873)Added Brokedownandmadeone
bait and switch (471)Added Brokedownandmadeone
caught (2469)Added fluff474
not what it looks like (198)Added fluff474
magic (52828)Added Wyvrex21
i can explain (32)Added Wyvrex21
bed (28545)Added Wyvrex21
telekinesis (18576)Added Wyvrex21
shining armor gets all the mares (235)Added Renan
hoof polish (231)Added Ponylooker
Unknown tagRemoved Ponylooker
Unknown tagAdded Vree
princess cadance (26782)Added soundtea
queen chrysalis (27369)Added soundtea
shining armor (19080)Added soundtea