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safe1687838 artist:kittypaint0816 big macintosh28039 caramel2498 cheese sandwich3918 discord30649 fizzlepop berrytwist9203 flash sentry12717 fluttershy210716 king sombra13697 pinkie pie214421 pokey pierce1358 princess cadance32446 princess celestia94201 princess luna98396 rainbow dash231861 rarity180072 shining armor22941 soarin'13881 starlight glimmer48104 sugar belle3094 sunburst6613 tempest shadow16683 thunderlane4057 twilight sparkle298127 alicorn220888 pony949579 accessory swap1689 applejack's hat6965 base used19220 blush sticker2446 blushing194441 boop7307 cowboy hat15384 dislestia1447 female1345923 flashlight2726 fluttermac2885 gay27117 hat85298 kissing24349 lumbra306 male366406 mare471810 noseboop2789 nuzzling3913 pokeycheesepie9 polyamory6684 rainbow power2817 rarilane176 shiningcadance2649 shipping197741 shipping chart137 soarindash4784 sombrest15 stallion106338 starburst1203 straight134494 sugarmac766 twilight sparkle (alicorn)122821


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Background Pony #4E8E
good for you i love flutterord for many reasons because it makes sense but thats cool what you ship. i like discord and celestias friendship to well if they actually made them better friends in the show and had more interaction and things in common. hopefully one day that will make their friendship better