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Commissioned by WaffleHorse, thank you! ^c^

Finalized drawing >>1891548 (you are here)
Lusty's sprite >>1891949
Flakey's sprite >>1891948
safe1749201 artist:dsp2003767 oc711217 oc only465017 oc:flakey hailstone34 oc:lusty symphony108 pegasus308734 pony1009402 behaving like a cat2241 blushing204423 bow29932 cloud32045 cloudsdale1336 comic111420 commission72923 cute205548 duo64644 duo female11912 female1400775 hair bow16363 heart49980 mare501638 one eye closed32454 open mouth154003 single panel406 tail bow5795


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Background Pony #6591
No comments? Amazing.

There is nothing cuter than this, you can't change my mind.