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safe1863172 artist:tzc491 sunset shimmer68925 equestria girls222529 abs12686 anime6174 badass3437 big breasts96140 black background6639 blushing222047 breasts315731 busty sunset shimmer6327 cleavage38365 clothes519409 commission85282 compression shorts1386 cutie mark on clothes4486 female1502639 fingerless gloves5343 gloves23120 green eyes5915 human coloration5769 mma77 muscles14222 muscular female2597 serious1323 serious face1201 sexy34357 shorts15920 simple background456494 solo1184227 sunset lifter226 thighs18532


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You know, this takes me to a few years back on Derpibooru. There were a few images of adorable/sexy Sunset Shimmer, and in their comments sections there was a LOT of anime battle gifs, fighting for the hand of this fair lady.
I kind of miss those days. Those were good days.
I, Da Witchfinder

@Count Adramélekh Sear  
All I took from all that nonsense is that apparently you’ve never watched anything beyond the WWE main roster because, and I quote, “(Also… NJPW, Impact, and some other Indie pro wrestling organizations doesn’t match my taste though.)” Apologies but your opinion now means jack shit because of that since you intentionally choose to watch bad wrestling instead of good wrestling to fuel your childish stereotypes. And that’s not an opinion, that’s a fact.
Enjoy the bingo halls. This conversation and thread derailing of yours is over.
Khauntzat Adramélekhizarovich Searmaev
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@I, Da Witchfinder  
Then we would never get along so well since I’ve been dissing professional wrestling as “clown sports” for so many years, and WWE’s ratings from time to time and to this day are getting very, terribly, awful with their storylines.
I also used to watch and love wrestling since the Attitude and the Ruthless Aggression Era, and when WCW and ECW was still around but since then, WWE became power hungry and obsessed with investments that they sacrificed the show’s former quality and became family friendly which is in my opinion, the pussification of Sports Entertainment. Plus some of the wrestlers I’ve idolized for so many years are already retired or even dead so who am I to idolize at for these days.  
If I could still watch wrestling by any means neccessary, then it would probably be on Brock Lesnar. The man still is signed with UFC and still has some firepower even at his current age.  
(Also… NJPW, Impact, and some other Indie pro wrestling organizations doesn’t match my taste though.)
Meanwhile, in the Combat Sports world, This decade saw the rise to fame of some of the underrated MMA fighters not even in UFC, nor even Bellator, Strikeforce, etc., but to alot of other Combat Sport-based organization all over the world.
So with all due respect, the bottomline is the way I look at pro wrestling today is very very awful. And to most people who watch TRUE sport and not that comedy-drama sport, your opinion is quite the opposite. Sorry.
I, Da Witchfinder

@Count Adramélekh Sear  
MMA in general is garbage. I’d choose pro wrestling over it in a heartbeat.
Cute pigeonholing of wrestling by the way but this isn’t the 90s, bro. MMA’s a dying fad. There’s a reason a lot of ex MMA fighters jumped ship to WWE, from The Four Horsewomen to Lesnar and so on.
Background Pony #8142
Does anyone think the abs look a little off? At least the lower pecs. Should they be a bit smaller?