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Edit: added Luna’s horn, it looks crappy but it’s there
Moar lunashy cause u can keep me from drawing my beloved ship
Borrowed Lop’s freckle-ish design of luna (the one she used before the headcanon post of her)
safe1902207 alternate version62707 artist:azure-art-wave568 edit150378 fluttershy231751 princess luna106610 pony1249591 coat markings8011 cuddling9321 cute225895 daaaaaaaaaaaw5489 dappled571 ethereal mane10071 eyes closed113435 female1539097 flowing mane2643 freckles34289 happy36324 intertwined tails333 lesbian105736 lunabetes3864 lunashy300 prone29513 romantic1770 shipping222794 shyabetes16220 simple background473597 smiling310142 starry mane5524 transparent background236421


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