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Artist's description:
So many merry christmases in this one i have to put them under a readmore!

Merry Early Christmas to baronofcaring (twilight) wispz (rainbowdash) alextfish (sunset) pegasusie (rarity) gamebuddy123 (applejack) tangerineblasttheintern (pinkie) and @tonythegrey (fluttershy)
safe1749201 artist:typhwosion487 applejack173143 fluttershy217106 pinkie pie220058 rainbow dash238407 rarity185456 sunset shimmer64739 twilight sparkle305974 alicorn232681 earth pony265495 pegasus308734 pony1009402 unicorn341820 equestria girls206737 alternate mane seven197 book34477 bow29932 chibi14809 clothes475428 cute205548 dream2746 eating9942 female1400775 flying39382 food72886 indoors3413 levitation12541 magic75329 mane six32542 mare501638 onesie792 pajamas3380 pillow18637 pizza2008 pizza box339 pointy ponies3452 sleeping23927 slumber party212 sneezing1420 teary eyes4394 telekinesis28687 that pony sure does love books1168 thought bubble3562 twilight sparkle (alicorn)126146


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