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Date with Applejack. And the first thing to do is…eat apple. :3
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suggestive164972 artist:chigusa143 applejack183498 equestria girls226014 abs13152 applebucking thighs2287 applejack's hat11014 belly button91136 bench2995 clothes532814 cowboy hat20578 curvy7915 cutie mark51729 cutie mark on equestria girl916 explicit source4523 female1535352 grass11807 hat102546 hot pants250 i can't believe it's not sundown51 impossibly large thighs833 shorts16379 sitting74200 solo1209689 stockings39467 stupid sexy applejack828 thick5141 thigh highs45143 thighs19750 thunder thighs11129


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Background Pony #A748
I hope we get to see more of Sexy Applejack from his art style. Gotta love the way she is drawn.
Well done dude i tip my hat to you