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Gabby just wants a peek at his pecker uwu!

Only fair, his eyes ain't on her face~!

Sketch comm for RDSparkle. He wanted more of the ship, and he was kind enough to sponsor my suggestion for an idea <3!
suggestive145439 artist:frist441361 gabby2436 gallus6847 griffon27502 anthro264477 ass49948 beach ball1532 blushing200911 breasts283243 busty gabby151 covering3995 covering breasts442 covering crotch352 embarrassed11560 embarrassed nude exposure2317 exhibitionism9007 female1380917 gabbus31 imminent streaking1 implied gilda41 male379952 nervous5772 nudity375797 older27270 public nudity3302 shipping202796 skinny dipping773 story in the comments736 straight138275 streaking124 swimming pool2775 swimsuit theft104 tail between legs119 we don't normally wear clothes911


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Gallus is hoping his crush Silverstream doesn't see him in his birthday suit. But between you and me, she'll be pleased to see him without clothes anyway because they both love being naked.
Background Pony #D6A1
@napsack seems rather odd that the lifeguard didn't care thaf they were nude.
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The two glanced at each other in a rare moment of peace, as the only one of the trio wearing anything paused to take in another lungful of air.

They both looked as if she'd rather be anywhere else. Gabby's face was still flushed, the more sensitive parts of her body still tantalizingly held just out of view, and her body slightly hunched over in an instinctual attempt to take cover even when there was none. It was obvious that the grey griffon girl wasn't handling the crowd's attention all that well.

She regained a small measure of confidence as she saw what Gallus was going through, however. The poor boy was still fully erect, hands still totally unable to perform the job that he so desperately wanted them to. His blush was far deeper than Gabby's, punctuated by a lip bite that all but confirmed that he was actually getting something out of this situation. Or maybe it was just the nude form of Gabby standing next to him. He was certainly stealing enough 'subtle' glances downward for that to be the case.

Gabby gave him a teasing jiggle of her breasts as his eyes moved south once again, and Gallus' eyes visibly widened, and his penis visibly throbbed. Oh, if only they were in private… she'd have so much fun with this guy. But she could get to that later.

Despite spending a decent chunk of time not actually paying attention, their lifeguard lecturer hadn't even noticed, and was now winding down from her tirade.

"-and furthermore, if I ever catch you here again, I'm kicking you out myself! Do I make myself clear!?" She shouted, in a tone reminiscent of a drill instructor. Perhaps she was one in a past life.

The pair of nude griffons couldn't help but reply, in their best impression of a cadet at boot camp, "Yes life guard, ma'am!"

Her majesty the queen of pool safety nodded in satisfaction at a job well done, walking back to her post to watch over the other denizens of her domain. The crowd parted like she were Moses, and they the red sea.

Gallus and Gabby were not so lucky, and when they turned around and tried the same they had to force themselves through a solid wall of people. The crowd wasn't too thick, only about fifty people in all, but without the use of arms it was quite the chore to make headway. That wasn't even mentioning the few people who actually tried to get in their way, or grab something awkward along the way.

Yes they felt that, and yes it was weird! Why did people think that just because they were naked it gave them free reign to do whatever they wanted? Freakos.

Finally breaking through the crowd, they both caught sight of a clock on the wall above the changing rooms. It read 3:10 in the afternoon. They both knew the time when this had started, having both burned it into their brains when they started this streak, and somehow only five minutes had passed since this had begun. Only five minutes of awkwardness, embarrassment, and frustration… and five minutes of cameras recording their every square inch of bare fur.

So this was definitely going on the internet. As if that was somehow in doubt.

With an awkward half nod at each other, they both sprinted into their respective gender's rooms, getting to their bags as quickly as possible. They both sighed in relief as they found their locker, and thus their dignity.

A few minutes later, one grey griffon named Gabby slowly crept out of her changing room in a pair of denim shorts and a tank top, a small bag looped over her shoulder, with a hesitant gait and an unsure expression on her face. It seemed like their spectators were gone now. Probably too busy racing home so they could be the first to upload their footage. Perverts.

Then again, it wasn't like she had any right to criticize. After all…

"Hey, Gabby!" Came a panicked whisper from the direction of the males room. "Gabby! Over here!"

She followed the source of the noise, and soon found the head of Gallus poking around the corner, with a suspiciously bare pair of shoulders below it.

"Oh, thank Celestia! Gabby, you have to help me." Gallus said, looking extremely embarrassed. Not to mention cute. "M-my stuff's gone! Gilda must've taken it from my locker while we were out there! I- wait, why are you dressed…?"

Gabby was wondering when he'd notice. "Oh, that's easy. I caught Gilda in the middle of stealing my stuff, and I managed to fight her off!" It wasn't the most convincing story, but she thought it would work. Gallus wasn't all that clever, and right now he was anything but logical. It was the perfect time to pull something like this. "So I got my stuff back!"

He quirked an eyebrow, but the thought stopped on his tongue as he heard a woman laughing in the distance. It was interesting that he instinctively thought it was aimed at him.

"Okay, cool! That means you got my stuff back, right!?" His tone was pleading now. Desperate. But was it desperate enough?

She smiled apologetically. "I'm sorry, Gallus. I didn't find any of your stuff with her, just mine. I don't know where she might've put it." Gabby finished with a truly puppy-like look of innocence. She would have to reward herself for this professional acting later. Ice cream, maybe?

Gallus looked increasingly panicked, his arms fidgeting with something out of view. Gabby knew he was just nervous, but the thought of him doing that to the memory of her right here and and now was… _satisfying._

"But!" She started, just as he was on the verge of losing it altogether. "I have something that might be able to cover you up!"

Into her bag she reached, and pulled out a pair of bright pink panties, the same ones she'd worn on the way here. They were so cute. They even had a little ribbon on the front! Gabby stretched them out before Gallus, making sure he got a good look at the thin undergarments as she handed them to him.

"Sweet, huh?" Gabby said, winking.

Gallus was quiet for a long moment, seemingly weighing his options. But it was made clear very quickly what decision he'd reached when, after a few moments, he reached forward and practically ripped the panties from her grasp. He disappeared around the corner for a moment, and all she could heard was the rustling of fabric and the grumbling of one easily-fooled cutie.

She couldn't help but giggle a little when he came back into the light in his new ensemble. Fortunately for him his erection had finally gone down, but it hardly made a difference when his package was large enough to fill out the tight piece of women's underclothing. A small portion of fur and flesh could be seen poking around the edges of the panties, the edges of his balls spilling out the sides.

Gabby guffawed at the sight, and the blush he was already sporting redoubled. Gallus' hands moved to cover his oversized bulge, and to her surprise he managed to adequately cover his junk for once.

"Can we go now?" He growled, quietly. Gallus was very unhappy about this, indeed.

Too bad for him that Gabby was of the opposite opinion.

"Oh my goodness, you are so cute~!" Gabbys gleefully said. She simply perked up even more when he scrunched up his nose in response.

She was never happier to have thrown a guys clothes in the trash. Gilda was a real pushover when you caught her unawares, though she probably wouldn't be restrained by a towel and a bra for long. They should probably get going.

Gallus attracted many stares and more than a few wolf-whistles on the way back to the carpark. Unfortunately she was the one who'd driven there, so he was free to keep his hands on his crotch at all times. Such a pity, but she'd already gotten quite a few looks at his already. She'd been spoilt enough for one day.

Despite a few uncomfortable traffic lights, and one very awkward drive through what was apparently Gallus' parents' neighbourhood, they arrived at his place with few actual complications.

They went through the door, and things got noisy.

When their neighbours next saw them it was the following morning, and the two were holding hands as Gallus walked Gabby back out to her car. They cheerfully waved each other goodbye, and that's the last they saw of him for that day.

What they didn't know however, and was indeed a special secret to only the two lovers themselves, was that Gallus was still wearing her underwear.

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Why not both? Have a minific, because this idea is hot and your art is great. Also it's spoilered because I'm not entirely sure if it fits within the rating.

"Oh come on! You can't be serious!"

"You bet I am! C'mon, show me what you've got! I'm not budging an inch until you do~"

With a moment of deliberation and a grumble of mixed emotions, Gallus turned towards his fellow victim. "Ugh, okay. But you have to show me yours, too!"

Gabby grinned just as hard as she ever had done. "Deal!"

With that said, the male griffon slid the beach ball out of the way.

Gabby turned around, hands still firmly affixed to her privates, beaming with joy. "Oh my goodness, you're packing quite the pecker aren't you?" She said, giggling at her own alliterative nonsense. "That little blush on your face really seals the 'cute college boy' look you've got going."

"Shut up!" Gallus angrily whispered back, notably blushing harder. "And why aren't you showing me yours?!"

"Because, silly," she said, "It's way too much fun to tease you!"

Her victory complete, Gabby turned back around, ignoring Gallus' sputtered cries of protest and making sure to rub her butt against where his crotch had been a moment before. The more she could tease him the better! Unfortunately the beach ball was back in the way, but she could still feel him stiffen at his junk getting pressed against the plastic in-between them. Then he was turned back around, and they were once again ass-to-ass.

With the new bonds of trust (or lack thereof) forged between them, the pair of bird brains began shuffling their way towards the changing rooms, hoping to keep under cover until they could regain their dignity.

But that was not to be. An umbrella was not something that could protect them from all three-hundred-and-sixty degrees of the world around them, and soon enough eyes began to fall on them. Most of them seemed deeply amused, though there were a couple that seemed aroused by the whole situation. Fortunately they were maintaining their distance and neither Gabby nor Gallus had to deal with any weirdos.

Unfortunately, they did have to deal with everyone else. The crowd began to thicken, becoming hard to maneuver through, and then people began grabbing the worst things of all: Cellphones.

"Oh, I am not getting this crap caught on camera!" Gallus said, his fight or flight instinct beginning to activate at the prospect of his friends getting a recording of this. "Fuck it, I'm running. See you there!"

Gabby barely had time to register what was happening before the umbrella was swept from beside her and thrown onto the ground, leaving her bare-furred aside from her arms. She smiled awkwardly, trying and failing to hide her nervousness beneath it, and mumbled an apology as she began to follow the great blue idiot that had left her behind.

As it turned out, Gallus had made it about four paces before slipping on the wet concrete tile, his bracing arms leaving him a feathers-breadth from faceplanting into it. The beach ball had gone flying in the confusion, and his erection was bobbing freely between his legs, there for all to see.

The female griffon, not watching where she was going in her eagerness to get out of sight, immediately tripped over him and sprawled onto his back. Her arms splayed out in an attempt to stop herself from slamming into the concrete herself, and her now-uncovered nude body rubbing all over his back.

Through a herculean effort Gallus managed to stop himself from repainting the ground with his face, and even managed to save his dick from being crushed. He would've been proud of that fact, if it weren't for the immense distraction of a very very *_very* hot girl rubbing herself all over him. He was already diamonds from just seeing her with her arms up, but feeling her? It was a whole new, extremely fantastically awesome experience. This day was the weirdest mixed blessing he'd ever had._

However, it wouldn't do to appear as if he actually liked what was happening. Then she'd win! Besides, getting that caught on camera would be… awkward.

"Hey, get off of me!" Gallus shouted, rolling sideways to throw Gabby to the ground. "Sweet Celestia, you're heavy…"

Gabby pricked up at this, her cheeks puffing out in indignant rage as she got up. It was quickly replaced by a blushing smirk as she saw what he had between his legs.

"I guess you're into the heavy girls then, huh hot stuff?" She said, grinning evilly.

Gallus went back to covering his crotch as he too got back to his feet, but it was too slow to hide his boner from Gabby. Even worse, he couldn't actually cover it; his hands were too small and his manhood too large. This was possibly the only time in his life he wished he was smaller. She had even managed to cover herself before he could look at her, once again denying him a chance to see her fully nude. He guessed he could just look up footage of this scene later, but it wouldn't be the same.

A sharp whistle caused both of them to prick up (though some would argue that one of them was already as pricked up as he could be), as a female lifeguard in a bright red one-piece came striding over.

"What is the meaning of this?!" She asked, her face the picture of pure incandescent rage.

The two flustered wannabe lovebirds each stuttered their way through the beginnings of half a dozen excuses, the lady eyeing them all the while. It took a few moments, but her withering stare eventually brought them back to silence.

It did not kill Gallus' downstairs excitement, however. This fact was not lost on Gabby, who continued to quietly giggle at his misfortune, even as she experienced much the same situation.

Their present lecturing lifeguard however was having none of it. "Quiet, the both of you!" She paused for a beat, building her dramatic tension like a true professional. It was almost as if she'd had practice at this.

"Now, did I just catch you two naked little idiots RUNNING around MY POOL!?" The lifeguard spoke again. The words were enough to almost blow the pair of involuntary streakers back onto the ground, but they had no such luck.

Her lecture on general pool safety and the consequences of violating the rules of her fine establishment stretched on and on, seemingly for hours. All the while Gallus and Gabby stood there, naked as the day they were born, frozen to the spot by this bewitching woman's safety briefing. If they had known anything about office work they would have immediately pegged her as an HR manager who worked as a lifeguard on weekends, and they would have been absolutely right. This was her element, and they were fully trapped within it.